To Change Your Life, Change Your Environment

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Do you know there’s a reason why a tree changes its color in autumn?

It’s a visible signal that it’s adapting to its surroundings and preparing for what’s ahead.

Imagine if you had the same link to your own career? What change would you consciously make to Improve your growth and a successful future?

It starts with the realization and welcoming an easy truth:
“Your environment always wins”

Your environment not only includes the location in which you are settled but also your friends, colleagues, habits, and lifestyle, which impacts you much more-for better or for worse-than, you can imagine. You can’t make a crucial, long-lasting change without altering some elements of your environment.

Ask yourself these two inquiries to better evaluation if your environment helps you grow or holding you back:

Who Is In My Top Five?

Rohn’s belief was rooted in the law of averages. which says that the results of any given situation are going to be the type of all outcomes. In short, suggests that the five people you’re around the most shape you.

In other words, when you’re trying to grow into the person you desired to be, it’s good to surround yourself with people that show those qualities you want to realize. These people may be your mentors from whom you’ll learn new skills, colleagues who motivate you when you get discouraged, or friends who hold you responsible for your goals. Surround yourself with a minimum of five positive people and encouraging people that lift you and support your dreams will dramatically improve your chances for fulfillment.

On the other hand, if your environment contains negative people against your choices, you’ll have a harder time trying to make or just to maintain an outstanding change

Do the people around you support you with your goal and not just your wealth? If not, then it will be the right time to widen your circle and proactively seek new energy from like-minded souls.

Where do I spend most of my time? What do I do?

The same principle applies to every aspect of your environment; it’s not just who you are, but also what you surround yourself with also can either move you forward…or hold you back.

Where are the highest five places where you spend most of your time? for many, this includes an office and home, also as additional locales: commuting in your car or on the train; the gym or a bar; networking events or your sofa; walking through a park or surfing the web, etc.

No place is permanently good or bad, but you ought to concentrate on how you are feeling while you’re within those places and note if that feeling changes once you leave them. Are you motivated or drained? If it is the end, and you want to make a progress, something has to give; then it is time to change.

Consider also, your habits and lifestyle: are you intentionally placing yourself in situations that spark growth?


Have you ever fallen into an inactive zone of the familiar but uninspiring situations?

Real growth happens only when we understand whom and what best supports our growth, then align ourselves with those people and places that do

A Part-time blogger who is always dedicated to helping others with some ideas to aid with personal development

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